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What is Engage U?

Engage U is an innovative approach to supporting current and future students in their career and postsecondary journeys. Regardless of your goals or your questions, Engage U is here to help.

And how do we help, exactly? Through Access Hubs and College and Career Navigators.

Engage U Access Hubs are one-stop shops for potential students, fully online students, transfer students, returning students, post-traditional students, and adult learners. Whether you are seeking a professional certificate, a non-degree credential, or simply have questions about your postsecondary and career options, we are here to help.

Our Engage U College and Career Navigators are your first stop. The navigators help current and future students connect with university resources and answer general questions about postsecondary and career pathways. Do you have questions about admissions or registration, or perhaps career services or internships? Maybe you are seeking guidance about wellness or student government? The Engage U navigators provide holistic and personalized support, meeting you where you are. 

Currently, Engage U is based at two branch locations: University of Utah at the Juniper Building in Herriman and at Salt Lake Community College in West Valley. Connect with us!




West Valley

Engage U in West Valley works with students and prospective students interested in healthcare pathway degrees and training programs.


Thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College, students can earn an associate’s degree in two years by taking SLCC courses before taking University of Utah courses to complete your bachelor’s degree, all without ever leaving our Herriman campus.
Engage U in the Juniper Building at the Herriman Campus is a first-stop desk connecting students to Herriman-exclusive resources like our designated academic advisor and student success coach, transfer resources, and hybrid opportunities students can access from home or the satellite campus,

Engage U Centers:

  • Provide one-stop landing spaces for fully in-person and hybrid online students in localions convenient to their respective home and work.
  • Engage returning students intent on completing a University of Utah degree.
  • Support transfer students' seamless move from the transfer institution into the U.
  • Empower non-degree seeking adults to pursue certificates and other professional development activities.
  • Provide personalized attention to students as they persist, and complete degrees and/or certificates, thereby elevating the lives of all Utahns.


Program Manager

Mia Yang
Program Manager




 Amy Damian Ramierez
Program Coordinator




Christrian Velez
Program Coordinator




Last Updated: 9/14/23